2022 Programs

As we enter our third year of operation, we’ve identified our sweet spot in terms of what we offer and who can benefit the most from our programs. Working in cooperation with BQ, we’ve identified that creating a fun, low-pressure and skills-based pathway for the Little League, Junior League and first year Senior League age groups as our primary focus. In our first few years, we’ve already been lucky enough to establish a strong base of players in all three age groups and are excited to see that many Academy participants are continuing their baseball development in the BQ Development Pathways for second-year SL players and older.

In creating the 2022 Bandits Academy Programs, we wanted to ensure that players had the opportunity to develop in a variety of environments and scenarios. Whether your player would benefit more from one-on-one instruction, small group, or more of a team dynamic, there’s something for everyone. Throughout the year, you’ll be able to pick and choose the development opportunities that best suit your player – effectively building your own Bandits Academy Development Program.

Bandits Winter Academy Program (BAWP)

The Bandits Academy Winter Program is open to all players regardless of playing experience or skill level and will work with players in the LL, JL and first-year SL age groups. The program principles are designed by a skills-based sub-committee with a strong background in high performance & development programs with playing or coaching backgrounds in Regional, Club, Collegiate, minor league, National team and Major League Baseball programs.

Senior Bandits Specialised Player Development Program


Small group programs focused on hitting, pitching and catching.

The 2022 Bandits Academy is excited to introduce a new program for senior league-aged players born between Sept 1, 2006 and August 31, 2008. To offer a more focussed, individual skill development opportunity, the 2022 SL BAWP program will be presented in a small-group format of 5-10 players and is designed as a transition opportunity toward the BQ pathways programs. Offered at Windsor’s Holloway Field from 6-8pm on Tuesday nights, the 8-week program will feature specialised small-group programs for hitting, pitching and catching. Sessions start July 12.

Specialised Coaching Programs

Coach-the-coach programs for individuals, clubs and regions.


The Specialty Coaching Workshops will be managed by the senior coaching and outsourced resources. They are designed to support the continued development of all levels of coaches and players aspiring to join the coaching ranks. The focus areas are designed by industry leaders within the coaching fields, to support the continued growth and development of the sport. The Specialised Coaching Programs will run throughout the year. Look for announcements and registration information on social media, email and this website.