Thats a wrap for this years BAWP, and what a year it was! Our LL and JL squads started of the program working on their strength and conditioning coordinated by our good friends at RSS. The team at RSS showed our young athletes the importance of taking care of your body and creating positive mindsets toward health and fitness. We are thankful for the support and professionalism provided to us by all the staff at RSS.

Viticon Stadium was our home for the next 6 weeks where coaches Donald Lutz, Sam Holland, Jacob Nilsson, Aaron Applefield and Daniel Yonemura showed the next generation of Bandits the right way to play the game. Each week brought its focus areas and challenges, from quick hands drills to double plays, 2 strike hitting to crushing curve balls, tracking down line drives to throwing out runners, this years academy covered it all. Along with our on field instruction the BAWP focus heavily on the mental side of the game. Our players were taught the importance of focus, determination and respect, all of which are crucial in becoming a great ball player.

The final sessions of the BAWP saw our players take the field in some simulated games where Bandits coaches Sam, Jacob, Aaron and Donalds ERA’s sky rocketed. The bats were alive and the defence was always on their toes. This games were a great way to highlight in-game situations and scenarios to our young players. The grand finale, as always, was the BAWP annual wiffleball slam. There is no better way to finish our 8 weeks of hard work on the field other than wiffleball, BBQ and a raffle. You couldn’t wipe the smile of the players (and coaches) faces if you tried.

This years SL program shaped up a little different than it has in the past. The players were able to nominate for specialised hitting, pitching and catching programs. This new formatting did not disappoint. Hitting coach Donald Lutz with the help of Danny Yonemura were able to dive deep into the concepts and philosophies of hitting. The SL players were able to break down each aspect of their swing and gain the most from the knowledge and experience these coaches provided. For the 8 week program Tuesday nights were bad night to be a baseball as these guys were absolutely crushing in the cages and on the field.

Jordan Thompson lead our SL catchers for this years program. 8 weeks of receiving, pitch calling, catches pop ups and blocking practice all done with enthusiasm and intent. Undoubtedly the most physically demanding position on the field and our group of catches did it all without one single complaint. These young athletes showed extreme maturity and improved tenfold throughout the program.

Last but definitely not least, our SL pitchers. They learnt the intricacies of what it takes to become an elite pitcher. Swing analysis, pitch selection, are care, pickoff moves and mindset were some of the skills obtained throughout the 8 weeks. Each week progress closer to our end goal of throwing against the SL hitters in live at bats. The effort put in by this years pitchers was impeccable. From throwing program, arm care, core work outs and conditioning these guys gave it their all.

We at the Brisbane Bandits look forward to following the progress on all our young athletes during the upcoming GBL season. Good luck to all players and remember… RESPECT your teammates, RESPECT your coaches, RESPECT the Umpires, RESPECT the game and RESPECT YOURSELF.