2022 Programs

Feedback on the 2020 pilot Bandits Academy was overwhelmingly positive, so we’ve taken the best of what worked, got rid of what didn’t and expanded the development opportunities to six exciting new programs for junior players and coaches.

In creating the 2021 Bandits Academy Programs, we wanted to ensure that players had the opportunity to develop in a variety of environments and scenarios. Whether your player would benefit more from one-on-one instruction, small group, or more of a team dynamic, there’s something for everyone. Throughout the year, you’ll be able to pick and choose the development opportunities that best suit your player – effectively building your own Bandits Academy Development Program.

Bandits Winter Academy Program (BAWP)

The Bandits Academy Winter Program is open to all players regardless of playing experience or skill level and will work with players in the U12, U14 and U16s age groups. Players will be put into groups based on ability for duty of care. The program principles are designed by a skills-based sub-committee with a strong background in high performance & development programs with playing or coaching backgrounds in Regional, Club, Collegiate, minor league, National team and Major League Baseball programs.

Specialised Player Development Programs


Small group and one-on-one programs focused on hitting, pitching and fielding.


Much of the feedback from last year’s Bandits Academy centred around offering more one-on-one and small group instruction for specific skills and positions. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’re offering a variety of Player Development Programs designed to help players to reach their individual improvement goals as well as develop a strong knowledge of specific positions. These programs run throughout the year.

Specialised Hitting Program – Looking to elevate your player’s confidence and skills at the plate? Legendary ABL slugger and former MLB player Donald Lutz runs these twice-weekly sessions focusing on everything hitting – including mechanics, the psychology of hitting, situational hitting, the importance of tee work and a whole lot more. The Specialised Hitting Programs start in March and are offered as one on one and small group (10 participants) opportunities.

Specialised Pitching Program – Also starting in March, Travis Blackley leads a pitching-specific program for aspiring and established junior hurlers in small group and one-on-one instruction. The sessions cover mechanics, mental approach and off-the-field conditioning and preparation and much more. The Specialised Pitching Programs start in March and are offered as one on one and small group (6 participants) opportunities.

Specialised Infield Fielding Program – Whether your player aspires to be a middle infielder, play the hot corner or hold down first base, this Specialised Infield Fielding Program run by Team Australia shortstop Logan Wade will help take them to the next level. Wade will cover everything from in-game awareness, responsibilities and positioning to advanced instruction for each position and more. These sessions are offered on a small-group basis as well as one on one.

Specialised Outfield Fielding Program – Team Australia and Bandits outfielder Andrew Campbell heads up these sessions offering specific instruction around outfield play. Topics include situational decision making, positioning, tracking the ball off the bat, arm strength, specific positional responsibilities and more. As a veteran of 11 ABL seasons, Campbell offers insights and instruction on what are arguably the game’s hardest positions to play at the elite level. The Specialised Outfield Fielding Programs are offered on a small-group basis as well as one on one.

Specialised Coaching Programs

Coach-the-coach programs for individuals, clubs and regions.


The Specialty Coaching Workshops will be managed by the senior coaching and outsourced resources. They are designed to support the continued development of all levels of coaches and players aspiring to join the coaching ranks. The focus areas are designed by industry leaders within the coaching fields, to support the continued growth and development of the sport. The Specialised Coaching Programs will run throughout the year. Look for announcements and registration information on social media, email and this website.